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Liar: A Memoir“Your memories are already foggy and scrambled at times. And then, they may not even be there anymore.”

This story was funded by Longreads MembersJoin and help support great storytellingRob Roberge | Liar: A Memoir | Crown | February 2016 | 23 minutes (5,688 words)

When Rob Roberge learns that he’s likely to have developed a progressive memory-eroding disease from years of hard living and frequent concussions, he’s terrified at the prospect of losing “every bad and beautiful moment” of his life. So he grasps for snatches of time, desperately documenting each tender, lacerating fragment. Liar is a meditation on the fragile nature of memory, mental illness, addiction, and the act of storytelling. The first chapter is excerpted below.

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